Who We Are


Started in 2017, although this project was thought up years prior, TofuForTwo hopes to provide you with tips and tricks for a cruelty- free, meatless (or less meaty) lifestyle.

If you love animals, healthier eats and a good laugh, well you have come to the right place.

We, Jennifer and April, began our vegetarian journey over an accumulative decade ago. Starting out was tough, with very little information available. So here we are, providing all the lifehacks we wish we had way back then.

Before you write us up as trendy health freaks, we got into this thing for love of animals (and a love of vegetarian beer).  And yes, if two vegetarians get into a fight, it is still called a beef.

Stay tuned and follow us as we share our adventures, reviews, our ups and our downs and all things vegetarian.